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J1962 DB26 OBDII Cable

  • J1962 cable that connects to the VehicleBox or DRB III Emulator Kit
  • J1962 to DB26
  • 6.5 ft in length​

J1962 OBDII Open Ended Female Cable

  • J1962 Female style cable with open ended wires

  • Great for making custom cables and wiring harnesses

  • 1ft in length

J1962 OBDII SPlitter Y Cable

  • J1962 OBDII Splitter Cable (J1962M to 2-1962F)

  • Allows users to connect two diagnostic devices simultaneously

  • 1ft in length​​

J1939 to J1962 adapter

  • J1939 (heavy duty truck) to J1962 (standard vehicle) harness adapter
  • 1ft in length​​​


3HCAN2 High
11JCAN2 Low
6CCAN High
14DCAN Low

OBDII Vehicle Cables

Our large selection of OBDII vehicle cables are rugged and build to last, no matter what the use.  Please contact us for bulk orders or custom cable designs.