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Need a quote for a reflash event?  Have our experienced team assist you with your needs today.

Are you prepared for an unexpected vehicle or ECU reflash event? Contact us for a FREE consultation and we will discuss with your team how you can be better prepared.


We design and manufacture vehicle diagnostic hardware that is used to perform each reflash.  We have hundreds of proven diagnostic tools ready for use such as our UCAN2 device that we use for reflash activities on a daily basis.  Our high volume equipment inventory is enough to overcome any project no matter how large.


Our staff of highly trained professionals are ready to take on any job at a moments notice. We can assemble a team to plan and execute your software updates on short notice and will work 7 days a week to ensure your success.

Data Reporting

Just as important as the reflash itself is proper data acquisition and prompt reporting. Our flash process includes use of our Centralized Automated Reporting System or C.A.R.S that takes care of these needs.  At any point during a reflash, our WIN-flash application can sync to our cloud based servers to upload data for processing. Our C.A.R.S. application will process the data and generate complete reports with 100% traceability within seconds.


What separates us from the competition is our industry leading software development expertise. Our proprietary WIN-Flash software application can be custom tailored to meet the needs of any reflash project.  Our team of experts will work closely with your engineers to integrate your specific reflash requirements into our software application to ensure flawless execution in the field.

Automotive Vehicle Reflash Services and Solutions

Although each flash update is unique, they all share some common characteristics, they all need to be done accurately and quickly. By using our proven integrated solutions you can rest assured that our team will be able to get any job done with 100% quality. Controller Technologies has been providing automotive vehicle reflash services and solutions for over 20 years and have literally updated millions of modules and vehicles. We have the equipment, personnel, and engineering expertise to support any OEM reflash at a moments notice. Whether its loose components in a warehouse, a small development fleet, or thousands of vehicles in a containment yard, we have the solution for your needs.

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